Waterside Street Pastors

From our chairman.


I was pleased to be present when Waterside Street Pastor received the Hythe and Waterside Rotary Club Community Service Award for 2015/2016 awarded to all the Street Pastors and Prayer Partners who volunteer to provide a community service to the Waterside. The Award was presented at the Rotary Christmas Band Concert provided for approximately 200 of the waterside elderly and Homes with residents on the Waterside.
As Chair of the Waterside Street Pastors Management Committee I am pleased to report that the Rotary club has followed up the Award by providing a £300 donation towards the training of future Street Pastors. The picture shows Malcolm and Peter Waterside Street Pastors receiving the award from Peter Shawyer the President on the Rotary Club.
My name is Leslie Sharpe, a Waterside Street Pastors Management member from its inception, representing The Gospel Church at Marchwood. I am currently Chair of the Gospel Church Leadership team and a retired Social Worker and NHS Manager. As a committed Christian with a lifelong commitment to care for people, I have worked with people with a mental health crisis, alcoholics, offenders, and families. Street Pastors are an opportunity to show that the Church cares for its community in a real and practical way. We aim to make the streets safer, to assist and help those we meet on the streets, to talk to people who want to know what the Waterside Churches have to offer and to share our faith in Jesus. We do not promote any particular Church or denomination and we do not require those we meet and talk to listen to any message about our faith unless they want us to, and we will offer assistance to anyone we meet.
Street Pastors are well received and recognised by the Police and other agencies for the work they undertake. We patrol usually on the weekends in the evening and may be seen along the waterside wherever people are to be found.
If you are interested in being a volunteer and joining us, you must have the support of your place of your Christian place of worship, please contact us.

reg.Charity No. 1151798